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Wegmans staff standing with Jason Bishop at the 2019 Pathways Inc Annual Fundraiser

Donor & Sponsor Acknowledgements

We'd like to thank our 2021 and 2022 donors and sponsors for their support!

Thank You!


• Mrs. Shelby Bierwiler (Corning Foundation Matching Grant) • Dr. Stephen Caracci (Annual United Way Contribution) • Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Betsy Johnson (In Honor of Hilary Johnson) • Mrs. Angela Longwell (Annual United Way Contribution) • Mr. Oscar Reiner, Jr. (In Memory of Emma Novotny) • Mrs. Tammy Shutter (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Elise Speck (Annual United Way Contribution) • Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Deborah Whipple (Annual United Way Contribution) • Mr. John Wilson (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Donna Yeman (Annual United Way Contribution) • Mr. Thomas Yorio (Corning Foundation Matching Grant)  


Anita Pizza • BSN Sports • Caraa • Elmira Sam's Club •J's Gourmet Popcorn • Krooked Tusker Distillery • Macarollin' • Mooney's Sports Bar & Grill • Rite Aid Foundation KidsCents • Tag's • Tops Friendly Market • Twin Tiers Eye Associates of Elmira • Corelle Brands, LLC • Mr. Nicholas Apostolou • Mr. Noah Arslan • Mrs. Rosanna Audinwood • Ms. Brooke Bennett • Mrs. Shelby Bierwiler • Mr. Alan Blythe (In Memory of Amy Frawley) • Ms. Lisa Anne Caracci, Steuben Habitat for Humanity • Mr. & Mrs. James Carl • Ms. Wilda Carpenter • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Virginia Cash • Ms. Anne Cleveland • Mr. Chuck Cordes (In Memory of Amy Frawley) • Ms. Dodie Cullen • Mr. Matthew DeCamara on behalf of the Rite Aid Foundation—KidsCents • Ms. Rebecca L. DeRosa (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Kathy Dilmore, ServU • Mr. & Mrs. Joel and Ann Domino (In Memory of Nicole Wise) • Mr. David Eichenauer (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Ms. Deborah Fero (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Mr. & Mrs. John and Charyl Gardner (In Memory of Barbara Prutsman) • Ms. Marilyn Griffin • Ms. Julie Harris • Ms. Deb Hill • Ms. Marsha Hunt (In Memory of Amy Frawley) • Mr. & Mrs. Brent and Amy Irvine (In Memory of Barbara Prutsman) • Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Betsy Johnson (In Honor of Hilary Johnson) • Ms. Susan Kesey (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Mr. George Kurz (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Mrs. Kristy Langtry (Annual United Way Contribution) • Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Patricia Lauzze (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Mrs. Cornelia V. Lentz Reed (In Memory of Amy Frawley) • Mr. Patrick McCormack • Ms. Margaret Morrell (In Memory of Barbara Prutsman) • Ms. Sandra Moseley (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Ms. Donna Phillips • Ms. Krista Powers • Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Barbara Price (In Memory of Tom Carl) • Mr. Michael Rose • Ms. Stacy L Sargent (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Svetlana Short, Congregation Kol Ami • Mrs. Tammy Shutter (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Melinda Simons • Ms. Heidi Smith • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Swan • Mr. & Mrs. Bhoop Tiwari • Ms. Li Ju Wang • Mrs. Penny Weaver • Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Deborah Whipple (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Donna Yeman (Annual United Way Contribution) • Ms. Tracey Yorio


Wegmans (Premier) • Brown and Brown Empire State (Gold) • Chemung Canal Trust Company (Gold) • M&T Bank (Silver) • Combined Insurance (Bronze) • Davis-Ulmer Sprinkler Co., Inc. (Bronze) • Eastern Management Print Network (Bronze) • Excellus BlueCross BlueShield (Bronze) • Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Co. LLP (Bronze) • NYSEG (Bronze) • Techline Communications (Bronze) • Enterprise Fleet Management, Inc. (Friend) • Guthrie (Friend) • John W. Taggart and Son Insurance (Friend) • Rimkus, Marciano & Associates, Inc. (Friend)


T&R Towing and Service Centers (Presenting) • Cool Radio (Media) • WENY (Media) • Corning Incorporated Sullivan Park (Gold) • Corning Incorporated Workplace Services (Gold) • Hilliard Corporation (Gold) • Corning Incorporated MT&E (Silver) • Empire Access (Silver) • Hunt EAS (Bronze) • Neally-DeJong (Bronze) • Allen Engineering (Friend) • Corning Credit Union (Friend) • Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting Co. (Friend) • Employment Solutions (Friend) • First Heritage Federal Credit Union (Friend) • Goodrich Auto Works LLC (Friend) • Graph-Tex (Friend)

2021 Holiday Caring Program

Ms. Beth Acquilano, Pathways, Inc. Geneva Office • Mr. Jerry Agan, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Sandra Ahmed, Bath VAMC Laboratory • Ms. Kristie Atkinson, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Andrea Austin, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. Alex Baer, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Sandy Bauer, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Sara Barto, NYS Dept. of Transportation, Region 6 • Ms. Shelby Bierwiler, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Nichole Bocage, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Kristen Brewer • Mr. Paul Bright, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Deb Campbell, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. Joe Cevette, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Michele Donley, Pathways, Inc. Human Resources Dept. • Mr. Jason Doughty, Quest Off Road • Ms. Kelly Drewno, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Sara Eolin • Ms. Coleen Fabrizi, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Mr. Ken Felsburg • Mr. Mike Fodge, GST BOCES Heavy Equipment Program • Ms. Tammy Frink, Arnot Health Primary Care • Ms. Jessie Gaedeke, Pathways, Inc. Lake Breeze • Ms. Tammy Hallgren • Ms. Julie Hamann, Person Centered Services • Mr. Marc Hample, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Mr. Jeff Hawkins, Beartown Road Christian Alliance Group - Men's Group • Ms. Deb Hill, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Carrie Houghtalen, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Rowena Huff, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. & Mrs. Chris and Carol Ibberson, Graphic Solutions • Ms. Krystal Kinney, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Tara Johns, Techline Communications • Ms. Celeste Johnson, Corning Incorporated • Mr. Ed Linsler, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Carmel Moshier, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. Bob Locker, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Angie Longwell, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Carrie Luckner • Ms. Sarah McCann, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Kathy McClure, Corning Incorporated • Mr. and Mrs. Toni and Amanda McGinnis • Ms. Lesley McManus, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Ceil Miller • Ms. Stephanie Miller, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Molly Myers • Ms. Amy Nichols, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Georgette Noyes, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. Chris Olander, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. Ross Perry, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Kim Piasecki, Pathways, Inc. First Street • Ms. Cindy Pugh-Williams, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Marcia Raymond • Ms. Jessica Riker, Pathways, Inc. • Mr. Mike Riker, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Alison Robie, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Penny Robinson, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Megan Scardina, AIM • Mr. John Simonds, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Jennifer Simpson, Elmira College BASIC Group • Ms. Brittany Stansfield, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Christa Stelmack, Pathways, Inc. Board of Directors • Ms. Melissa Swimley, Pathways, Inc. Conable House • Ms. Teresa Taft, Pathways, Inc. • Ms. Jenna Thayer, Nickel's Pit BBQ • Ms. Deanna Tompkins, Town of Urbana • Boy Scout Troop 18 • Girl Scout Troops 41060 and 60345