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A young boy in a wheelchair using blocks

Educational and Contracted Services

These programs offer daytime care from infant through school age, before and after school care at Corning-Painted Post elementary schools and educational programming for children with special needs. Contracted services are available for at-risk youth and families.

Educational and Contracted Services

Erwin Child & Family Center

Offers year-round childcare with educational programming for infants through age 12 years.

Contact Assistant Director, Erwin Child & Family Center (607) 962-0536

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Kids’ Adventure Club

Provides before and after school childcare in Corning-Painted Post elementary schools for school-age children through age 12 years.

Contact Director, Kids’ Adventure Club (607) 937-3249

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Preschool Services

Provides developmentally delayed children with speech/language therapy and physical and/or occupational therapy in an educational environment.

Contact Director, Preschool Services (607) 937-3288

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Steuben County Department of Social Services Collaborative Programs

Family Interactions

Offers services in Steuben County to parents and their children in foster care with a goal of reuniting the family wherever possible.

Contact Family Interactions Coordinator (607) 776-1568

Family Preservation

Offers immediate, short term intensive services to families whose children are at imminent risk of placement in foster care.

Contact Family Preservation Coordinator (607) 776-2484

Youth WRAP Around Alternative

Provides intensive services for youth referred by the Steuben County Department of Social Services (DSS), and may be either preventative or transitional in order for the child to remain at home and be successful.

Contact Youth Services Coordinator (607) 776-7754

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Team Member
Director, Erwin Child & Family Center

Carol Berry, MEd


(607) 962-0536

Team Member
Director, Preschool Services

Lisa Rice


(607) 937-3288

Team Member
Director, Kids' Adventure Club

Lori Payne


(607) 937-3249

Team Member
Site Director, Kids' Adventure Club

Tara Chase


Team Member
Assistant Director, Kids' Adventure Club

Angela Berger


(607) 937-4570

Team Member
Family Preservation Coordinator

Laura Leonard

Home and Habilitation

(607) 776-2484

Team Member
Family Interactions Coordinator

Christine Deitrick

Home and Habilitation

(607) 776-1568

Team Member
Program Manager

Pamela O'Brien Paige

Youth Wrap Around Alternative

Youth Wrap Around Alternative (Bath, NY)